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As we went around to the back of the house we met Chuck (in the blue shirt), Kevin (in white) and Joe (in red) the man who answered the door. Jeff snapped this photo of Scott, Mark & I speaking to the lucky set builders. They seemed to be as excited to meet us as wee were to meet them! They told us how the neighbors complained that the back of the house can be seen over the fence and that it was an eye sore. So they were laying the foundation to enclose the back of the house from the public eye.

Boy were we lucky! this was probably the last chance to see the back of the set the way it was built! Not only that, Chuck had worked with Liz Montgomery on Bewitched the last few years of the show. What was she like? "She was great!", is what Chuck had to say. "It was a fun show to work on. She remembered me by name a few years later when I worked on a movie she did with O.J. Simpson ("A Killing Affair") right on this lot."

That's Jeff with the back of the set behind him. In case you're finding this out for the first time, you can see from these photos that only the front of this and many other houses were built for televison. Just a bit of the magic of Hollywood.

Of course while we were there we had to visit the other familiar places in "Westport Connecticut."

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