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Tuesday, February 23, 1999: Well I've waited many years for this opportunity & finally on this beautiful sunny day in Los Angeles, California it happened! I had a week's vacation & decided to spend it in LA with my good friends Mark Simpson & Scott Viets (aka the Bewitched Critic). Mark is a huge Elizabeth Montgomery fan & had recently returned to LA to live. Scott of course is also a big Bewitched fanantic, so we knew we'd have a bewitching time!
Mark had always promised me that when ever I came to visit, he'd get us onto the Bewitched lot. Mark's friend, Kevin Brennan works for Warner Brothers, which now owns the famous back lot where the series was filmed. It was all thanks to him that we were not only able to visit, but to photograph it as well. The weather was a comfortable 75 degrees and the sky was clear. Kevin was due to take lunch at 1 PM, the only time he'd be able to get us there. We met him across the street from the studio at a Taco Bell, then off we went. Since this was such a special moment for us Bewitched fans, Scott made a call to another of our friends, Jeff H. so he could fly in for the event.

We all got into Jeff's rented car & drove up to the gate. Kevin spoke to the security guard and he let us in. As we pulled in, there was "Mill's Garage", the service station used in "Soap Box Derby", of course it was a little different and the pump was gone, but what a thrill! ! We parked the car & began our walk though the streets.

There it was! at the end of the block just after Gidget's house! Our hearts were beating faster, and our pace picked up. It was too good to be true! We we here! 1164 Morning Glory Circle. It was beautiful. It still has all the charm it did in the sixties. It was built in 1962 and used during last season of Dennis the Mennace show, as Lucy Elkins house.

Photos! We need proof we were really here & it's not a dream! But security said we'd need permission to take pictures. So Kevin and I walked to the house that was the office. He knew the woman who was in charge for the day and told her how I flew from New York just to see the Bewitched house. She smiled and said, "Of course you can take photos." I told her I loved her, then we walked back to the house, passing the Jeannie house & the Kravitz's house on the way. Mark, Scott and Jeff had their eyes fixed on our faces the whole way trying to read whether or not we were sucessful in getting permission. I flashed what I'm sure was one of the biggest grins I've ever had then gave the thumbs up. Everyone was happy.

We took turns taking photos of each other in front of and on the side of the house. That's Scott sitting by the side kitchen door. Notice the window which used to be the door to the den. Since the house was used for so many other shows, alterations were always being made.

That's me at the front door. No, I didn't ride my bike there. That was propped up against the post, when we got there. I moved it out of photo range after we had taken a few shots.

Scott, Mark, Vic & Jeff

Scott snooping around the side of the house, or is that Gladys Kravitz!

Mark, Vic Jeff & Scott

As we began to take some photos, a man popped his head out out the front door ,"You lookin' for Samantha?," he said. We all laughed. He was a carpenter working on the back of the 1164 facade. After a few more photos I went around to the back of the house and asked if we could take a peek. He was very nice to let us all come around while they were working on the back of the house.

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