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Here's your chance to have your 16mm Bewitched or
Elizabeth Montgomery film transfered to video for FREE!

Promo Sample If you own a 16mm print of a Bewitched episode, a Bewitched promo, or an Elizabeth Montgomery film or TV appearance: "Vic's Bewitched Page" is making an offer you can't refuse. In my quest to build a library of Bewitched and Liz appearances, I've come up with a way to benifit both fellow collectors and myself.

Some fans that I've been in contact with have some faded 16mm prints of Bewitched in their collection as do I. I sent a few of mine out to be transfered to VHS professionally and was so excited by the results, that I offered to pay for my friends' transfers too!

The 16mm films were sent out to a reputable company who did a phenominal job with color correction and scratch and dirt removal. The transfer place made two master copies of the films onto VHS. The Original film and one VHS master was sent to it's owner and the second VHS master was sent to me.


Check out the beautiful job they've done! The left frame grabs are before the prints are restored. The right frames are after they were transfered with color correction. They look better than broadcast TV!


Rest assured the original 16mm print is not altered in any way. Nor do I come in contact with it. The owner sends it straight to the Transfer company - and the Transfer company sends it straight back to it's owner.

So if you have some original Bewitched Network 16mm prints or Promos, or some Elizabeth Montgomery TV appearances or Movies and this offer is for you, email me at and we'll work out all the details. Thanks for popping in!

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